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Job Title: ECA Regional Manager – Finance and Administration Manager

Duty Station: Nairobi, Kenya with some travel to the field

Date of Issuance: March 2017

Closing: This position will remain open until filled

Overview: Interpeace is an independent, international peacebuilding organization. We were initially established in 1994 by the United Nations to develop innovative solutions to build peace. We have a proven and recognized approach to enable people to build lasting peace.

History shows us that peace is possible. From more than 20 years of experience in peacebuilding, we know that peace cannot be imported from the outside and must be built from within a society. This is why Interpeace tailors its approach to each society and ensures that the work is locally driven.

Interpeace believes that every society has what it needs to build peace. Our role is to support societies to harness their strengths.

Together with local partners, we jointly develop peacebuilding programmes. We help establish processes of change that connect local communities, civil society, government and the international community through our Track 6 approach.

As a strategic partner of the United Nations, Interpeace is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and has offices in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire; Brussels, Belgium; Guatemala City, Guatemala; Nairobi, Kenya; New York, USA and Stockholm, Sweden.

The Regional Officer for Eastern and Central Africa in Nairobi provides support to the Interpeace programme in the Somali and Great Lakes regions as well as in Kenya.

We support locally led peacebuilding initiatives in more than 21 countries in Central America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

General Position Summary: Interpeace implements peacebuilding programmes in five countries across East and Central Africa, and the ECA Regional Finance and Administrator Manager oversees the financial side of these programmes with the support of the ECA Finance and Administration Officers.

The ECA Regional Finance and Administration Manager oversees, plans, manages, coordinates and mentors the ECA Finance and Administration Officers in the areas of Finance, – budget, compliance and reporting – Information Technology, Administration and HR.

The team under supervision supports the various programmes in the ECA region and also the ECA regional office.

More specifically, the Manager is responsible for:

  • Supporting programme implementation through local Partners and out-posted Interpeace offices, including financial and administration compliance, training, capacity building and internal audit
  • Ensuring accurate and on time reporting to donors and other stakeholders including Geneva HQ.
  • Oversight of all audits in the region and following up on action plans to ensure compliance and improve performance.
  • Managing existing systems and enhancing them in coordination with Geneva HQ.
  • Plan and coordinate Finance and Administration activities through the Finance and Administration team at ECA
  • This is a key position and reports directly to the Regional Director and additionally supports the ASU function at Geneva HQ.

This post is based in Nairobi, and involves regular travel to the field.

The Finance and Administration Manager is also a member of the Senior Management Team (SMT) of the regional office that sits regularly to appraise operations, implement policies and provide direction for the Regional Office.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Demonstrate commitment to the values and working principals of Interpeace both within the Interpeace team and the broader regional and international community.

Managerial Responsibilities

  • Planning and establishing the team’s workplan
  • Recruitment and selection of staff under areas of responsibility
  • Monitoring and evaluating team’s performance on an ongoing basis, including conducting annual performance reviews
  • Fostering an enabling work environment and helping staff members to achieve their potential
  • Provide guidance, training and integrated approaches to human resources and staff development issues, including identifying training needs of staff under supervision and ensuring that the training is provided and undertaken
  • Mentor and coach staff on an ongoing basis
  • Convening weekly meetings of the ECA finance team to discuss current issues, workloads, upcoming deliverables and other issues as they arise
  • Convening regular meetings with the Administration team
  • Partner with the ASU team in Geneva to ensure institutional alignment of financial management, human resources and IT services and consistent application of related institutional policies and additionally supports the ASU function at Geneva HQ.


  • Oversight of Finance Functions
  • Ensure Partners financial reports are received, reviewed monthly, and that any issues arising from the reviews are followed up for resolution.
  • Ensure that Finance Officers are aware of Interpeace Global Financial Rules and Procedures and specific contractual requirements imposed by donors and that they monitor for compliance.
  • Oversee the Regional Office accounting, including a monthly review of Balance Sheets accounts.
  • Work with the other members of the finance team and programme staff to clearly define the finance v/s programme staff roles in programme management.
  • Oversee the preparation of the annual Regional Office and project budgets for inclusion in the annual Interpeace PoW&B, in discussion with Programme Officers and the Regional Director. These must be based on realistic estimates of likely funding for each programme and validated by Geneva HQ.
  • Oversee and monitor all responsibilities assigned to the Finance Officers


  • Review draft project budgets prepared by Programme / Finance Officers, amend as necessary and then submit to Geneva HQ for review and feedback before the final version of budgets are submitted to donors. Ensure that the review and approval process is documented.
  • Ensure that the approved donor budgets are then coded in accordance with the Interpeace Chart of Accounts (CoA), to help facilitate subsequent donor reporting.
  • Assist Finance Officers to develop and implement grant budgeting and forecasting systems, in liaison with Programme Officers.

Financial Management and Systems

  • Approval of expenses in line with approved budget for the programmes being implemented.
  • Cash management – oversee management of the RO bank accounts and monitor cash balances on a daily basis. Signatory to the bank accounts together with the Regional Director. Oversee the opening of new bank accounts, should this be required (including approval from the CFO). Oversee funds transfers to the Regional Office and to Partners to make sure they are funded in a timely manner, in accordance their approved budget to ensure the smooth implementation of Interpeace’s programmes.
  • Review and approval of RO and Partner Cash Transfer Requests (CTR) – ensure that these are in line with the approved partner budget and are prepared and submitted in a timely manner in order to ensure smooth running of the programmes.
  • Review existing financial systems and procedures used in the region and modify and enhance these as needed in coordination with Geneva HQ and considering that Interpeace general policies and guidelines supersede Regional ones unless approved, in order to improve delivery. Ensure that ECA RO staff are aware of and trained in these procedures.
  • Periodic visits to Partners to perform capacity assessments and internal audits and reviews as required to ensure compliance with Interpeace’s and donor requirements. Coordinate and supervise any subsequent training that is provided as a result of the capacity assessment.
  • For new programmes, ensure that the local Partners financial rules and procedures are harmonised with those of Interpeace. Also train the new Partner’s finance teams on QB, accounting procedures, record keeping, reporting procedures

Financial Reporting and Audit

  • Oversee the production of accurate and timely financial management information (both succinct and comprehensive) to assist Programme Officers manage the finances of their programme. This includes Actual v/s Budgeted spending at both the Partner level and also at the consolidated programme level. Review and enhance reporting and also ensure there are built in checks to verify accuracy.
  • Ensure accurate and on time financial data is summited to Geneva HQ for adequate consolidation and global reporting.
  • Monitor the funding available to each programme (especially when this is impacted by exchange rate movements), both for the current financial year but also over the life of multi-year projects, and advise Programme Officers when changes in income availability will require a budget revision.
  • Provide summarised financial reporting to the Regional Director, on a monthly basis.
  • Ensure donor reports are submitted in accordance with donor requirements.
  • Maintain an overview of the consolidated finances of each programme (donor reports) and review this on a regular basis with Programme Officers and the Regional Director.
  • Provide financial training to Programme Officers when needed.
  • Coordinate the Regional Office, Partner and donor audits in line with stipulated statutory requirements, terms of reference and donor regulations respectively. Ensure that a timetable outlining the tasks that need to be completed is prepared in discussion with the Finance team and then used to monitor preparations leading up to the audit. Close coordination with Geneva HQ is required in terms of knowledge and risk management as well as compliance.
  • Ensure implementation of the audit Management Letter recommendations in a systematic manner and update Geneva HQ on progress for proper Global follow up.

Human Resources and Administration

  • Support the Administration Manager and HR focal point in analysing compensation packages, taxation requirements, and human resource policies for local staff to ensure that Interpeace has fully accounted for the full cost of local staff compensation and benefits.
  • Oversee and monitor appropriate local insurance coverage for inventory and staff as well as insurance coverage for international staff in coordination with HR Geneva
  • Oversee and monitor compliance with HR internal policies and procedures and other legal and regulatory requirements in collaboration with the HR focal point
  • Working closely with the Human resource focal point the Finance Manager is involved in designing and managing risk aspect arising from employee contracts and operations. Areas of risk management will include but not limited to Taxation and legislative compliance, asset insurance, compliance with labour laws, security etc.
  • Ensure that the HR focal point liaises regularly with HR Geneva to ensure implementation of performance management and staff development policies and practices
  • Oversee the proper functioning and delivery of administration services
  • Ensure travel bookings, accommodation and related logistics, advances are efficiently coordinated.
  • Ensure the office has requisite facilities i.e. clean environment and functioning equipment that enables greater efficiency of all staff.
  • Ensure administrative staff responds to requests from programme staff promptly.


  • Oversee the Information Systems function ensuring effective and efficient information systems in coordination with IT Geneva
  • Oversee system design and maintenance
  • Ensure that institutional IT policy and procedures are implemented in coordination with the IT Officer and IT Geneva
  • Ensure effective user support, including training on IT tools, is provided to all ECA staff


  • Responsible for liaison with external and legislative authorities i.e. Kenya Revenue Authority related to finance and the NGO council on regulatory matters.
  • Responsible for identifying areas of financial and operational risk within both Interpeace and Partners and taking a lead in mitigation measures e.g. identifying training needs and capacity building of staff, to increase knowledge and therefore reduce risks.
  • Provide feedback on the Interpeace financial rules and procedures and help to enhance and refine these.
  • Attend SMT meetings and make recommendations as necessary to improve administration, finance and programme procedures and to improve staff relationships
  • Perform other duties as called upon.

Knowledge and Experience

  • University degree and a professional qualification in finance such as Chartered Accountant, Certified Public Accountant, Masters of Business Administration or equivalent.
  • Understanding of and experience in financial management within the context of a Kenya based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).
  • Outstanding grasp of financial and fiduciary concepts, including an ability to develop and manage complex budgets; create and interpret financial statements and reports; and develop/manage cash flow projections.
  • Demonstrated understanding of Kenya tax and payroll laws and comfortable developing and maintaining a payroll system.
  • Strong accounting knowledge and operating capacity for Sun Systems, QuickBooks, and other financial management systems.
  • Managerial experience – managing a multifunctional team an asset
  • Knowledge of leadership and management principles, a proven capacity to build, lead, inspire, advise and motivate a team towards delivery of goals
  • Familiarity with HR principles and IT systems an asset
  • Ability to work effectively and inclusively with a diverse workforce
  • Strong written and oral communication skills in English and Kiswahili – French an advantage.
  • Strong computer literacy in all MS Office applications.
  • Ability to work to tight deadlines.
  • Strong commitment to supporting local peace building initiatives and to the values and working principles of Interpeace.

How to Apply:

Qualified candidates are invited to submit their application, including a letter of interest and complete CV, via email to “ECA Regional Manager – Finance and Administration Manager” must be included in the subject line of the application email to be considered.

Interpeace is an equal opportunity employer.

Please note that only those candidates that are short-listed for interviews will be notified.

The position will remain open until filled.

For more information about Interpeace, its values and working principles, please visit its website at

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