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HJF Medical Research International Inc

The Henry M. Jackson Foundation Medical Research International (HJFMRI) provides scientific, technical and programmatic support services to global medical research programs.

Through funding agreements through the US Government, HJFMRI provides administrative support for research activities related to HIV, Malaria, TB and other infectious diseases.

Job Title: Monitoring & Evaluation Assistant

Supervisor: Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

Job Summary

The Monitoring & Evaluation Assistant is responsible for:

  • Assisting the M&E Officer in ensuring that all Ministry Of Health and PEPFAR weekly, monthly and quarterly electronic and other surveillance databases/datasets (Including Subcounty Health Information System and DATIM) are well updated, and maintained as required.
  • Ensuring data collected and reported on weekly tools is entered in the electronic data tools, cleaned, analyzed and shared with the relevant people.
  • Ensuring that all facilities have effective and efficient filing systems and information on patient care and treatment outcomes is well managed and documented in the patient files and facility registers.
  • Assisting Program Monitoring and Evaluation Officer to ensure that the M&E plan for the program is implemented, monitored, evaluated and reviewed as per the requirements and ensure that the data and reporting gaps identified are worked on in good time.

Key Responsibilities:

Implement HIV/TB clinical care activities under the PEPFAR program according to the most current Kenya national treatment and care guidelines and PEPFAR Country operational Plan.

1. Data Quality

  • Ensure that facilities are provided with the required technical and administrative support
  • Assist in conducting data quality assessments and provide feedback on data quality issues to all relevant program persons.
  • Communicate closely with MOH Points of Contact: In charges, Sub-county Health Information Officer and HJFMRI/PEPFAR Monitoring and Evaluation Officer to ensure priority tasks are completed.
  • Communicate with appropriate clinical staff, Points of Support Centres In charge, Health Records Information Officer/ Sub-county Health Information Officer and HJFMRI/PEPFAR Monitoring and Evaluation Officer regarding any incomplete or inconsistent data on the on the reports received, registers, data collection forms, Electronic Medical Records, Sub-county Health Information System and DATIM.
  • Sensitize facility staff on other agreed-on innovative data collection tools for required indicators that are not collected in routine MOH tools.
  • Liaise with HJFMRI/PEPFAR Monitoring and Evaluation Officer and Sub-county Health Information Officer on facility-level target achievements and raise early warning in cases and / or facilities with slow progression towards meeting indicator targets.
  • Assist program Monitoring and Evaluation Officer in ensuring follow-up on EMR system issues in the facilities is done appropriately and timely to avoid malfunctions of the systems at these sites.
  • Analyze data and information collected from the field, incorporate findings into a report and recommend program improvements to the key persons form the sub-county and HJFMRI/PEPFAR program management.
  • Assist in ensuring that CBOs are well supported and capacity build in the development, implementation and use of M&E tools on DREAMS and OVC initiatives.
  • Assist Program Monitoring and Evaluation Officer in ensuring that CBO teams are updated on any new OVC and DREAMS M&E developments at the National level.

2. Data Reporting

  • Liaise with all HJFMRI/PEPFAR supported facilities to ensure compliance with reporting requirements for routine and MER indicators as required by Sub-county Health Information System and DATIM reporting templates.
  • Assist in following-up with the MOH team to ensure all reported results on HIV monthly indicators are updated in the Sub-county Health Information System by 5th of every month.
  • Ensure timely flow and transmission of both hardcopy and softcopy data reports from the field to program personnel and HJFMRI/PEPFAR management through the program Monitoring and Evaluation Officer. This should be done by 7th of every month.
  • Manage and maintain an electronic filing system of all the weekly and monthly reports transmitted by the MOH team.
  • In collaboration with HJMRI/PEPFAR Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, ensure that PEPFAR quarterly, semi-annually and annual reports are compiled, communicated and updated in DATIM.
  • Ensure all facilities, liaisons and CBOs are supplied with all hardcopy data collection tools and quarterly orders are done and managed in good time.
  • Work hand in hand with the CBOs’ M&E Officers in ensuring timely, accurate and up to date reports are done and disseminated to the respective levels of management.

3. Data Confidentiality

  • Support the MOH M&E team in ensuring a well-maintained and confidential patient, facility and program medical and health records and other data.
  • In collaboration with the MOH M&E team ensure the existence of an effective and efficient filing system with a well-structured, organized and confidential filing system.
  • Work together with the Program IT person to ensure that computers, Database and Systems access is well managed and controlled.

4. Data Security

  • Ensure regular daily, weekly and monthly backup of all active EMR databases is done and the hard drive kept safely away from data entry points.
  • Maintain a well-secured folder with all hardcopy monthly reports.

5. Communication

  • Liaise with the Point of Contact in charge, MOH Health Records Information Officer, data clerks, and PEPFAR Monitoring and Evaluation Officer on solving and communicating data quality issues.
  • Conduct weekly and monthly meetings with the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for planning and feedback.
  • Assist in the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the M&E plan for the Program.

6. Participate in monthly and quarterly data team meetings

  • Attend all internal and external meetings as required and upon delegation.
  • Work well with members of the program/research teams including clinicians, Nurses, Counsellors’, Community Health Workers, HJFMRI/PEPFAR Monitoring and Evaluation Officer and all Ministry of Health staff at Point Of Contact.

7. Staff Capacity Building

  • Build the technical capacity of the data clerks and clinical team through mentoring on Monitoring and Evaluation components.
  • Keep data team informed of all data issues arising, and any problems/queries as they occur.
  • Assist Program Monitoring and Evaluation Officer and the and Sub-county Health Information management team ensuring facility staff are well trained and updated on the Ministry of Health data collection tools.

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