Mar 122017

HJF Medical Research International Inc

The Henry M. Jackson Foundation Medical Research International (HJFMRI) provides scientific, technical and programmatic support services to global medical research programs.

Through funding agreements through the US Government, HJFMRI provides administrative support for research activities related to HIV, Malaria, TB and other infectious diseases.

HJFMRI has a vacancy for an Internal Auditor within the Africa Regional Office based in Nairobi, Kenya

The position reports to the Senior Internal Auditor.


  1. Under the direction of the Senior Internal Auditor, HJFMRI Africa Regional Office, assist in managing all global Internal Audit activities and compliance efforts, in accordance with the organization’s strategies and objectives and professional auditing standards.
  2. Assist in evaluating internal control issues affecting both program and support operations for potential risk exposures; Participate in monitoring of the control environment and identifying significant control issues.
  3. Assist in developing, implementing and maintaining a risk-based audit plan to address controls necessary for achievement of HJFMRI strategic, operational and programmatic objectives.
  4. Coordinate across internal teams and external resources to provide assurance of internal controls over key operational, financial management, business processes, information systems, compliance and reporting functions of HJFMRI.
  5. Complete periodic reviews of HJFMRI Accounting/Finance and Procurement procedures and guidelines; develop recommendations on improving and re-defining policies and procedures to enhance internal controls, compliance and internal/external reporting.
  6. Participate in conducting risk assessment reviews and periodic site visits to implementing partners to evaluate and monitor internal controls systems and assess compliance.
  7. Perform internal review engagements (including planning, fieldwork, exit meetings, reporting and monitoring of recommendations), as directed by Senior Internal Auditor.
  8. Provide periodic reports on internal audit activity, including summaries of observations, findings and recommendations impacting HJFMRI control environment for international operations.
  9. Contribute to the development of a training program and conduct trainings to HJFMRI program and support staff and implementing partner organizations, including training on fraud risk, prevention and detection, internal controls and process improvements.
  10. Continuously reinforce effective utilization of HJFMRI’s core accounting, procurement and other business systems to ensure transparency and accountability in reporting workflows, internal controls and compliance.
  11. Provide analytical support to external audit matters, included in-country statutory and financial audits, HJFMRI HQ annual audit, local government audits, review and inquiries.
  12. Other duties as assigned by supervisor or as otherwise required to successfully manage HJFMRI’s operations.

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