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By Susan Gitonga

Cytonn Investments is a private equity firm in Nairobi, Kenya headed  by a team of young professionals. The company was formed in 2014 by Edwin Dande who has seen the company accumulate assets of Kshs. 6.5 Billion drawing from last year alone.

Cytonn Investments Limited has a Young Leadership Programme that takes on board young, smart individuals straight from College/University  to join their very competitive environment in Cytonn’s various departments.

Wangari Wachira is one such individual who has benefited from the Young Leadership Programme at Cytonn Investments and works in the firm as a Business Administration Intern. I caught up with her to find out how she ended up landing one of the most coveted Graduate Programmes in Kenya…

How did You know About the Business Administration Internship?

I read about the Young Leadership Programme from Career Point Kenya where I stumbled upon the Business Administration Internship Opportunity. With my experience in BCOM, I decided to apply for the position.

What Were The Requirements For The Business Internship Job?

Cytonn occasionally partners with universities to take in candidates in their competitive internship program that leads to full time employment for the selected few.

The requirements for all candidates applying for their various internship programs include:

  • A B+ and above in Secondary Education,
  • Graduated OR will graduate with at least second class upper honors from university.
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities
  • Be committed to succeeding in a team context

I am in my fourth year awaiting graduation and I felt that I was suitable for the position from the requirements the Company had given, and with that I applied.

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How was the application Procedure?

Unlike other jobs where you apply via email, Cytonn’s application procedure was administered online via their website. After successful application and shortlisting, I had an aptitude test administered online. But I can’t complain much as it all bore positive results as I was among the shortlisted.

(An aptitude test is designed to assess your logical reasoning and thinking performance. They consist of multiple choice questions which are administered under exam conditions. They are strictly timed and a typical test might have 30 or so questions. )

Was there an Interview after the Aptitude tests?

Yes there was. After completing my aptitude test, I passed and was invited for a face to face interview in their Company Offices located at Liaison House, State House Avenue.

How was the interview?

I was shocked to find a Panel consisting of 6 people. My interview was a panel interview  that was quite extensive and rigorous.

What are some of the interview questions you got?

All the panelists were actively involved in the interview and each had their own questions to ask. There were various questions which bordered on ‘How I thought I fit well for the role?’ ‘My goals in life?’ ‘ School life?’  ‘Questions about my CV’ and finally about personal life and general life experiences

How is a Day Like at Cytonn Investments?

Cytonn is a very busy Company and we work very hard to meet our goals and targets. That said, work is the core business of every employee. We have very diligent supervisors who are strict to ensure that deadlines are met.

It’s a crazy work environment,  but I always find fulfillment after achieving my daily tasks . At Cytonn, there is a lot of indispensable work experience because every day we are pushed to our limits. This has helped me alot as I have adopted the tenacity that comes with working under a tight schedule.

A day at Cytonn starts at 7.30 am and we leave quite late depending on the day’s work.

What are the benefits of working at Cytonn investments?

We have very many company retreats and activities to increase our knowledge base of our work and career.

Also,  we have a book reading club, Friday nights at the bar, birthday celebrations and company updates every Friday.

How’s the pay?

The pay is good enough. I am content and happy with it.

What do you love about Working at Cytonn investments?

I love the growth that comes with my job and the overall exposure to a corporate environment has changed my life!

Advice to anyone looking to join Cytonn investments?

Develop thick skin, get good grades in campus and at the end of the day go for what you want with confidence!

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Got any comments or questions? Leave them below. Susan is a Communications Officer at Career Point Kenya. Email:


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